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Spring 2021 Registration

Click here to register for the 2021 Season!  The spring season will begin March 2021 and registration will end February 28th.

North Edison Baseball and Softball COMPLEX RULES

The following items are NOT allowed at any time on complex:

  • Alcohol
  • Pets
  • Bikes/scooters/skateboards/hover boards/rollerblades, etc
  • Sunflower seeds or gum

Smoking allowed only in the parking lot

COVID-19 Specific Rules

  • Any spectator that may at any point be less than 6 feet away from anyone MUST wear a face-covering. 
  • Teams must utilize space in AND around the dugout during the game. Many teams are placing each gear bag 6 feet apart along the fence as "their area" during the game. Spectators have ample space down foul lines along the outfield fence watch the game. Please bring your own seating, do not use bleachers.

Dugout Rules:

  • If players cannot socially distance by utilizing surrounding areas (ie. behind or next to the dugouts), they must wear masks.

 Players DO NOT have to wear face-coverings while actively playing the game or physically exerting themselves.

  • Coaches MUST wear a face-covering mask while in the dugout or any scenario where they are less than 6 feet from anybody.
  • A maximum of 3 coaches per team. Less is more.

Batting Cages

  • All fields on complex now have batting cages assigned to them.  For Field 5, they can use the batting cage behind 6r if there is no game on 6r.  For Field 6, the cage behind field 6r can be used as well as the two batting cages behind field 4.
  • Cage protocol on game days will be the following: 
    Home team or first team listed on the schedule will use the cage from one hour to 35 minutes before the scheduled game time.  The Away team listed on the schedule will use the cage from 30 minutes to 5 minutes before game time.
  • No parents or fans are allowed in any of the batting cage areas.  Coaches and players only.
  • While using the cages, all must abide by social distancing guidelines and keep a 6’ distance from one another.  If it is not feasible to maintain a 6’ distance, masks or face coverings must be worn by all in the batting cage area.


  • Restrooms adjacent to the snack bar are for use by North Edison Baseball and Softball staff and for those requiring handicap access.
  • Portable restrooms have been placed on complex for all others to use.
  • On non-tournament days, portable restrooms will be sprayed with a disinfectant spray once a day.
  • On tournament days, portable restrooms will be sprayed down throughout the day.

Fan Attendance

  • Other than family members, social distancing of six feet apart is mandated.
  • Bleachers have been moved to the outfield and away from dugout areas.  No fans are to be allowed near dugout or home plate areas.
  • While seated on the bleachers, social distancing of six feet is still mandated.
  • Fans are encouraged to bring their own chairs.
  • Fans are encouraged to bring their own hand sanitizer.

Parking Lot

  • Masks are encouraged
  • No loitering, picnics, tailgating, etc.
  • No team meetings

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Weekly Field Crew Use

Start_Date Start_Time Location_Details Division Teams
North Edison 15/16u USABL Memorial Day Tournament Champions

North Edison 15/16u USABL Memorial Day Tournament Champions


North Edison Baseball and Softball pics

  • 11U Fall 2018 Champions. Way to go Blue Devils...
  • 10U champs!!!! Way to go Blue Devils .... Girl power!!!!
  • 11U Second Place at 2018 Memorial Day Tournament

North Edison Baseball and Softball

The North Edison Baseball and Softball organization is dedicated to helping the young men and women of North Edison develop physically and emotionally through a recreation program focused on the fundamental skills required in the proper execution of baseball and softball and an understanding of the importance of ‘team effort’ to any successful endeavor in an environment that is safe, well maintained, clean and enjoyable, and where the spirit of competition can exist in balance with the best reason of all to be a kid – to just plain have fun.”


  1. Sportsmanship
  2. CItizenship
  3. Character
  4. FUNdamentals

It is in this spirit that the Board of Directors dedicates this complex; for the Enjoyment of our league children. We ask that everyone help us in our mission by observing the NYSCA Coaches’, Parents’ and Players’ pledges and our Zero Tolerance Policy.

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